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Alfalfa Lot 612-004

High quality, leafy alfalfa that was baled a little dry. Still has bright green color! Baled with a variable preservative applicator and stacked in a shed on a tarp. No signs of spoilage, dairy quality!

Alfalfa Lot 248-013

Beautiful 2017 dairy quality 1st cutting alfalfa with outstanding test numbers! Affordable trucking available, located 50 miles West of Fargo, ND.

Alfalfa Lot 303-003

Good leafy and green alfalfa hay that was put up dry with no rain. Some bales may have a hint of grass, no signs of spoilage during inspection. Bale quality guaranteed.

Offering Hay & Equipment For Sale Online


WHB Video Auctions connects buyers and sellers as it offers hay and equipment for sale in online consignment listings.  Besides the ongoing consignment sales, LIVE auctions are broadcast online periodically with real-time streaming and bidding. Live auctions can be held at our location or yours.

Our consignors and consignees come from all over the nation. Search for a certain type of hay, within a certain distance of your location. Pay the per-ton price or make an offer. Can’t find what you are looking for? Let us know what you need, and we’ll keep our eye out for you!

WHB Video Auctions’ knowledgeable representatives inspect and video each lot of hay on site – for both consignment sales and live auctions – so buyers can determine which lots will fit their needs. We take samples from each lot and send them to be tested without transporting the hay.

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