Cutting edge, online marketing makes our online hay market experience one of a kind to the hay industry. This online format offers a much broader potential buyer base by utilizing the power of social networking and the Internet. Our goal is to make a difference, simplify the buying and selling process, create easy exchanges between producers and consumers, and change the future of the hay and forage industry.

The Stackyard is an Online Hay & Equipment Company. We are a unique service that goes directly to the consignors to inspect, film, and most importantly TEST each lot of hay or equipment. We give you a comprehensive scorecard, so you know exactly what you are getting without leaving the comfort of your own home. We consign hay and equipment from all over the nation and provide trucking support. No hay or equipment leaves until payment is received!

Why should I sell with The Stackyard?

  • Online buying and selling including hay and haying equipment.
  • Nationwide coverage, no need to haul to the yard. We travel to you!
  • We work with you to meet your needs and fit your schedule
  • Your hay or equipment DOES NOT leave your property until you receive payment
  • Transportation support
  • Your hay will be part of a worldwide market, available to buyers 24/7.

Fill out this form and submit it to us if you are interested in selling your hay through The Stackyard.

Sellers can reach thousands of potential buyers through our network. Sell your feed just around the corner or thousands of miles away without it leaving your property! We do the work for you – we inspect your hay, provide feed tests to ensure quality, help the buyer arrange shipping, market and advertise what you have to sell to a worldwide audience! Call us today and speak with one of our experienced hay representatives today!

The Bottom Line

Hay and other feed are the most commonly traded commodity in the world. All livestock require quality feed stuff to produce their products and thrive. The Stackyard gives both the producer and consumer a means to find exactly what they need, anywhere and at any time. Sellers will be able to market their product without their hay leaving their property, and Buyers will have peace of mind knowing they are buying quality feed for their livestock at a reasonable price.

Our ultimate goal is to take the headache out of selling your hay or equipment.